Creative Dance for Children Classes and Pleien Dance Company communication:
To be more environmentally friendly, we have converted communication with our families to email and the website "Newsletter" page.  This will allow us for more efficiency in getting information quickly and directly to parents.  Please be sure to provide us with a current email address on your registration form (please print neatly).  The PDF registration form, schedule and tution information and calendar forms can be found under the "Schedule & Tuition" page.

What should I wear for class?

Creative Dance (Ages 3-8): Children may wear leotards and footless tights or t-shirts and sweatpants with bare feet.

Creative Modern (Ages 9-11): Students should wear any solid colored leotard and footless tights with bare feet.

Modern/Technique (Ages 12-18): Students must wear any solid colored leotard and footless tights with bare feet.

Pleien Dance Company (Ages 7-18): Members may wear any solid colored leotard and footless tights for weekly rehearsals.  Dancers must wear/have a black leotard, black footless or convertible tights and a skin tone camisole leotard for guest artist rehearsals and performances.

Hair must be up in a ponytail or bun and away from the face and neck. Please refrain from wearing jewelry or hanging earrings, as they can be dangerous in dance class.


Where can I buy dance supplies?

Bailey Slipper Shop 8210 Main St, Williamsville, NY 14221-6033 (716) 634-0314

You may also find leotards, tights and other accessories at Walmart, Target, Kids-R-Us, and other similar stores.


Do you charge registration, costume and performance fees?

Creative Dance for Children Classes registration and tuition fees covers, registration, insurance, costume rental fee, theatre rental fee and 1 video of the May "Spring Informance/Performance" and class tuition.  Simple leotard and tight sets and costumes are provided by the school and returned by dancers at the end of each performance.  We do charge a admission for guests who attend our end of the year "Spring Performance" in May and Pleien Dance Company concerts in winter and spring.

Where do we enter the building for class?

Please enter through the side entrance of the new K-5 Tapestry Charter School (near Lincoln Parkway).  We will use the side entrance near the "Arts Wing" side doors.

What time should students arrive for dance class?

Students should arrive a 5-10 minutes before their scheduled class time to get ready.  Please help your child to be on time for class; the beginning of each lesson and the warm-up are essential to prepare the body and mind for the work ahead.  Regular attendance is strongly incourage for sequence of material and physical growth.

What type of dance floor do we use?

Tapestry Charter School dance studios are equipped with beautiful new "sprung" marley floors to insure a safe dance experience.

When can parents observe class?

Parents are invited to watch classes on special visiting days a few times during the year. On many occassions, we invite parents to join us for a few minutes at the end of dance, to share new material or concepts explored in class.

What if I am late at pick up?

Dancers are welcome to wait with me in the dance studio if you are running late.

What if we miss a class?

Please call or email if you are going to miss a class. Classes may be made up by attending another class during the semester if space is available; call in advance if you would like to make up a class.

What is the snow cancellation policy?

In the case of bad weather, notices will be posted on the “Newsletter” section on our website at www.creativedanceclasses.com as well as closing on Channels 2, 4 & 7. I will leave a message one hour prior to the start of class.

What happens if my child is sick?

If your child is sick please, for the safety of everyone, let your child recover at home for the day and rejoin us when feeling better. Please call and leave a message through email Deborah@creativedanceclasses.com or on my answering machine 839-0561. Classes may be made up by attending another class during the session if space is available. Please call or speak with me in advance if you would like to make up a class.

How are tuition payments made?

Cash or personal checks are accepted; please make checks payable to: Deborah Lipa-Ciotta. You may pay in full or in four payments per year, due 9/1, 11/1, 2/1 & 4/1. Please let me know if you need other payment arrangements. 

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